Friday, 15 July 2016

How to make your beard look Thicker

Certain prepping strategies can likewise bring about the facial hair to seem thick. While these techniques don't enhance the composition of facial hair, you might need to attempt them in the event that you simply need your whiskers to look thicker. These strategies include:


This is likely the most well-known strategy used to make the facial hair look thicker. A few people say it's only a myth, yet shaving does really make hair turn into somewhat thick though just in the early phases of development.

New hair has a tendency to have a wiry and thick composition since the part nearest to the roots is darker and coarser than the finishes. Notwithstanding, once the length of hair expands, it's difficult to see the distinction. This preparing method is in this way best for men who incline toward keep up a thick and all around trimmed stubble.


When you color hair, it looks thicker than it really is. For the best results, pick a darker shading than the ordinary shade of your hair.

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